Our global best seller, the Tri-Wave is a free-standing LED system with full treatment coverage for the face and body. Innovative Tri-Wave technology enables three clinically proven wavelengths to be delivered individually or in combination for powerful and lasting standalone results.

The Tri-Wave system delivers clinically proven Blue 415nm, Red 633nm and Near Infrared 830nm wavelengths via proprietary LEDs to ensure focused and optimised penetration of light into the skin. The Dermalux Concurrent Modality treatment enables all three wavelengths to be delivered as individual or multi wavelength treatments for maximum skin enhancing results.

The Tri-Wave system has pre-set treatment programmes for a range of skin specific conditions, combination treatments and post treatment protocols. Each pre-set programme is a 20-minute session and 10 minutes for post treatment. There is also a custom programme setting for bespoke protocols with a time range from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

The light weight ergonomic design with wheels makes the Tri-Wave easy to move around. The eight LED panel treatment head has an automated height control operation for easy positioning and client comfort.

• Full coverage 8 panel ‘wrap around’ LED treatment head
• Optional flat LED treatment panel for larger body areas
• Combined proven wavelengths within a single treatment head
• Pre-set programmes for skin specific conditions
• Ergonomic design with automated treatment positioning

Dermalux® Support Package

• Expert On-site training programme: clinical theory, practical, commercial
• Treatment Protocol manual
• Client consent forms
• Client marketing material: brochures, display posters and banner artwork
• Digital marketing, website and PR and social media support
• Treatment Findter listing
• Dermalux promotional launch event
• 2-year warranty